Chip Abbott

Director/Choreographer Reel 2019

How Deep is the Ocean

Performers: Tony d'Alelio & Katie Call

Director of Photography: Carlos Bido

Photography by:  ShutterSchmack

The Goin’ Is Great

Dance Short Film

Directed/choreographed by: Chip Abbott

Starring: Kelsey Andres

Photography by: Shady Theatrics

On The Town (Broadway)

Dream Coney Island

Choreography by: Joshua Bergasse

Associate Choreographer: Greg Graham

Assistant Choreographer: Chip Abbott


Theatre Dance Class

Broadway Dance Center

Photography by: Jenna Maslechko

Ekurtis - Submarine Man

Official Music Video

Choreographed by: Chip Abbott

Directed and edited by: Ekurtis

Links: iTunes,  Spotify,  Youtube